Jalpa  August 21, 2013

Very good photography _ professional work !

Cyrus  August 19, 2013

Lovely pics!! Two Thumbs Up!!

Radha  August 19, 2013

Great pictures. Well done

Maharukh  August 20, 2013

Great Job

Deena  August 19, 2013

Fabulous pics... Really really good.. !!!

Arati Agrawal  August 22, 2013

Amazing pics. saw some of the groups. enjoyed the pandas. they look so cute and cuddly and so harmless. the fountains were amazing. Darjeeling i want to go back. People pics u have caught doing such simple things. enjoyed the photos. good luck

Aspy  August 20, 2013

Hi Sonoo,

Pallus and I have gone through about half of the pictures, and they are absolutely captivating. Terrific job, pal. You can make this your career from next year onwards - God willing, it may be more rewarding than what you made as a Company Secretary in all these years!!

All the best!


ASHISH SHAH  September 8, 2013

Incredible photographs. Very aesthetically designed website

Maneck Kotwal  August 19, 2013

Very good photography _ professional work !

Ronnie Bulsara  August 22, 2013

Buji...........very nice.....only disappointed that you have not featured me in the 'People' section.....hahaha

Katrin  August 21, 2013

Well done! Keep up the good work!

sonu  August 20, 2013

The pictures speak of clarity and colours. Loved them!! and hope to see more of them

Jenny (Merrimix)  October 8, 2013

Well done Burjor!! Beautiful pics as always and great website. Keep shooting!

burzin  August 18, 2013

Awesome pics ! Very well sorted and laid out too !

carol  August 21, 2013

Good Work

Hutoxy Miller  August 28, 2013

These pictures are awesome ! They touch the heart and makes one feel closer to Nature. Congratulations and best wish for your future endeavourements in this field which will make you go places.

fali  August 26, 2013

Awesome and very striking, a superb portfolio very well laid out. Most impressive

shirin  August 19, 2013

Burjor these are awesome! Loved the ones on Brooks and gives me a feel of being next to one. You have got talent my friend! Great going. And yes a lovely website. Many congratulations.

Omkar  August 21, 2013

Awesome pics ! Very well sorted and laid out too !

maharukh  August 20, 2013

simply superb........yeh dil maange more!

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